VAREP Making The American Dream A Reality For Those Who Have Served Us

Dated: 09/02/2017

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“Making the American dream a reality for those who have served us.” 

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There are many real estate professionals that are educated on VA and veterans benefits and give outstanding service to and for our veterans.  

However, I have been working in the real estate profession for 20+ years and 18 years licensed in Florida and during this time, I have heard and witnessed many real estate professionals that project a negative attitude towards VA and working with our veterans, mainly because they are not educated on the VA loan process and therefore unable to educate their clients. I have heard and witnessed agents encourage their sellers to "go with" a conventional loan offer over the VA offer and this puts our veterans at a disadvantage when making an offer on a home. This is totally unacceptable and in my opinion, our veterans and active military should always be priority.

I personally witnessed as well, my son and his military brothers being offered very little education or direction while or after serving regarding any housing benefits assistance that may be entitled to them for their service. In addition, I have met and spoken with many veterans that have never used or even thought of using their benefits when buying a home. Therefore, I am doing what I can on behalf of our veterans and active military and to be sure that whatever can be done to assist in making the American dream a reality for these families... will be done! 

 The VAREP is dedicated to increasing VA awareness for both the industry professional and the consumer with educational event topics such as... Dispelling VA Loan Myths, VA Appraisals and Minimum Property Requirements, The VA Funding Fee, Mortgage Comparison: VA vs. FHA vs. Conventional, Where to Go for Resources to Help Veterans, Local and State Down-Payment and Loan Programs to Help Veterans, etc.

  In addition to education the VAREP conducts several fundraising events through-out the year for veteran community outreach and support. Since our recent launch, we are currently working on and planning our community outreach goals for the near future. And although it is not our primary focus, we are available to assist veterans and military personnel in the referral or recommendation of trusted patriot and veteran real estate professionals. Realtors, lenders, insurance agents, home inspectors, title companies etc. In numerous areas and with different companies throughout the Treasure Coast.

Carlleen Wilson

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