How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

Dated: 11/10/2016

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Find An Inspirational Item.

So how important is picking paint colors to the new homeowner?  It turns out that it’s pretty important, even before closing the deal. I was doing the final inspection with a recent buyer, and I noticed that she was totally distracted during the walk through.

Then she came out with, “What paint colors should I put on the walls?”
Shocked as I was, I gave in to her desires and put my expertise to good use.  I set a separate appointment, and came up with a color plan for her home.

So How Do You Pick Paint Colors For Your Walls?

Start with an inspirational item that sets a general tone for the way you want your home to feel.  If you are working with a blank slate, you can use a favorite picture or a rug as your inspirational item.  Studies show that we tend to be attracted to the same colors  in varying hues, so anything you're attracted to can be your inspiration.   Here's an example.

Anything can be your inspiration for your color palette.

Creating A Color Palette

Notice the range of colors in your inspirational item?  This will be the basis for your color palette. Pick four or five of your favorite colors from your inspirational item.   You can find sample colors that reflect the tones in your color palette by visiting your local Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint store.

Always make sure to paint your sample colors on your walls before making a final decision. An even better idea is to paint the samples on a color board.  This way you can move it around to test the color in different parts of the room without leaving paint splotches all over your walls. Your lighting will change the way the colors feel dramatically.

How Many Color Samples Should You Try?

As many as it takes to get it right.  Get color samples in a range of hues from the colors in your color palette - light, medium, and deeper - to see which ones feel the best to you in your home. Yes, you may end up wasting the unused samples in the end, but it’s less expensive than repainting a room you don’t like.

Developing your color story.

Once you've tested the sample colors, you will now have a sense of which ones work in your space.  To make your color story interesting, you can pull out deeper tones to create an accent wall.  Personally, I like using architectural divisions to introduce accent colors.  See the sample picture below for an example of how I did this for one of my customers.

Accent Color Highlights Architectural Feature. The rust colored walls in the picture are painted in Audubon Russet (HC-51) from the Benjamin Moore Historical Color Palette.

Custom Color Palette for Home

In my buyer's case, the picture above depicts how I laid out the color palette. These are not the actual colors, but they are close enough to give you an idea of the custom color story.

So now that you’re done planning your color story, it's time to pick the right paint and finish for your walls. This will be discussed in an upcoming post.  Stay tuned.

If you’re still having trouble, or just don’t feel confident about your choices, feel free to contact me to ask questions.  If you live in Palm Beach County, FL, I would be happy to give you a personal consultation.

As a result of this experience, I have decided to offer my buyers a free 2 hour custom color consultation for closing a deal with me as their Realtor.

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